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We hire the best tech talent from around the world to help you achieve your innovation and optimisation goals

Do you...

Have a complex business challenge?

Want to get ahead of the competition?

Wish to make your data and tools more reliable and secure?

Need access to highly skilled ICT experts and high-end research infrastructure?

Optimising your business should be easy

With all the technology available today, your teams have a range of tools at their fingertips to improve their services, become more efficient, and develop new ideas.

But some ideas and challenges require a research-driven approach to develop brand new solutions the world has never seen before.

What if you don’t have a research and development team or the needed infrastructure?

That's where SnT comes in.

A research project with us means you’ll be collaborating with some of the most talented scientists from around the world. Over the course of four years, you’ll be able to test developments in our unique labs.

It’s simple: you provide us with your challenges, real-world data, and objectives, and we’ll work together on a collaborative research approach.

With over 400 highly specialised experts from around the world, we take an interdisciplinary approach to create ICT solutions that are secure, reliable and trustworthy. So that your technologies and products are not only cutting-edge, but also secure.

What’s in it for you?

It’s time to solve that complex business challenge, get ahead of the competition, and find highly skilled ICT experts and high-end research infrastructure. Here’s what you get when you collaborate with SnT.


The outcome of our collaboration is a prototype working in your real environment. ​


Work alongside specialised staff ready for you to hire at the end of the project, if needed.


Access our network of partners, get co-financing and support for third-party research grant applications.

Global impact

Contribute to advancing research on a global scale and making a greater impact for decades to come. ​

They work with us

Not convinced yet? Hear it from them: our current partners are the best proof of our collaborative expertise.

Our business developers are your first contact point when it comes to partnering with SnT. They will listen to your challenges and help develop a collaboration plan with one of our research teams. 

The first step to becoming an industry leader begins here: